CTP fraud

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance covers you if you injure someone in a motor vehicle accident. Fraudulent claims cost NSW motorists by adding to their CTP premiums.

Fraud can include exaggerated claims, staged accidents, lying about a claim or providing false or misleading information to an insurer, doctor, health professional or lawyer. It can be perpetrated by claimants, vehicle owners and/or service providers.

We have been working with insurers and other agencies to assist in identifying, managing and deterring fraudulent claims by:

  • analysing data across the industry
  • reporting trends and suspicious issues to the CTP Green Slip insurers
  • encouraging insurers to adopt best practice fraud identification and prevention strategies
  • monitoring and collating the results of insurer initiatives
  • working with multiple agencies to facilitate the investigation of suspicious activities
  • exploring overseas experiences related to personal injury fraud
  • establishing a multi-agency taskforce to focus resources and expertise specifically on CTP fraud in NSW
  • setting up the CTP Insurance Fraud hotline so that members of the public can report suspected fraud