Notify the insurer

You first need to notify your insurer via your insurance agent of the loss or defect. They are the people who issued the certificate of insurance to the builder/tradesperson.

The insurance agent will either be the Residential Builders Underwriting Agency (RBUA) or QBE Insurance. You can click here for their contact details. Calliden were taken over by RBUA in late 2015.

You may also be insured by an insurer who is no longer part of the scheme. NSW Fair Trading has a list of their contact details if you need them.

You should notify your insurer within the insurance period (six years for major defects and two years for other losses). You may be able to make a claim at a later date (some conditions apply).

If you become aware of the loss within the final six months of the insurance period, you will have six months from the time you become aware of the loss. This could be up to six months after the insurance period (this is called the extended claim period)

In some exceptional circumstances, you may be able to make a ‘delayed claim’ after the insurance period has expired, if the insured event has not occurred during the insurance period.

You will need to demonstrate the builder or tradesperson was diligently pursued to rectify the problem, and that you have properly notified the insurer in writing during the insurance period.

When you notify the insurance agent, you are giving them notice of every loss caused by the same defect.

Notification must be in writing. Fill out our loss notification form, and then send it to the insurance agent/insurer.