Applying for insurance

You must take out insurance for each residential building project you do, valued at over $20,000 inclusive of GST, with some exceptions (eg tradespeople subcontracting to a builder). You can apply for insurance through an insurance broker.

Your insurance broker will provide advice and arrange insurance through one of the two insurance agents providing cover under the Home Building Compensation Fund.

A list of current brokers can be found on icare's website, Just click on the approved distribution list to download the list of current brokers.

Further information

What the scheme covers

Read current scheme and cover for more information on what the insurance you’re taking out will cover you and your customer for.

Getting a licence

In NSW, only a builder or tradesperson who is licensed is allowed to carry out building work values over $5000.

All specialist work, regardless of its cost, must also only be done by a tradesperson licensed in the relevant category of specialist work. Specialist work includes:

  • electrical wiring
  • disconnection and reconnection of fixed electrical equipment
  • plumbing
  • draining
  • gasfitting
  • air conditioning and refrigeration work (except plug-in appliances)

NSW Fair Trading’s website has information on applying for a licence.