Green Slip Check

Answer a few simple questions to find out how much you're likely to save under the new CTP scheme, and how much you'll likely be paying by the end of 2017 without the reform.

Green Slip prices in NSW have increased by 85 percent over the last decade. Average premium prices now sit at $482 in country areas and $703 in Sydney. Without major reform, these already unaffordable prices will continue to climb.

The NSW Government has announced a plan to bring prices down by an average of more than $100.

The estimates shown are not a quote. If you are looking to buy a Green Slip now go to the Green Slip Calculator to get the best current price estimate.

For the benefits of these for reforms to motorcyclists, see further information below.

The estimated savings provided by this price checker are based on a good driving record - no demerit points, no driving conviction or licence suspension in the last five years and no accidents where you were at fault in the last two years.

The estimated savings are for annual Green Slip policies (not six monthly or quarterly) and vehicles with full comprehensive insurance.

Prices exclude input tax credits (except for taxis which will include ITC), which adds six to seven percent to the average policy.

The final reform model passed by the NSW Parliament may impact projected prices.

Further information

CTP premium prices in country areas

Average CTP prices are cheaper in country areas than in metropolitan areas.

The average CTP premium for a motor vehicle in country NSW is currently $482 compared to Sydney metropolitan prices of $703.

Under the reforms, prices will drop in all parts of NSW for motor vehicles and prices will continue to be cheaper in country areas compared to the Sydney metropolitan area.

The benefits of CTP reform for motorcyclyists

Green Slip prices for motorcycles are generally lower than for other classes of vehicles, although there are exceptions.

They are lower because in 90% of accidents involving motorcycles, the driver is not able to make a full CTP claim because they are deemed to be at fault.

Under a reformed CTP scheme, motorcyclists will be eligible for benefits for up to 6 months – whether or not they were at fault.

So while Green Slip prices will not go down, the amount of financial and medical support provided to around 1,400 injured motorcyclists each year will be much higher with reforms.

Why are my estimated prices different to what I am currently paying?

The estimated prices are a projection of what an insurer may charge by December 2017. They are based on the characteristics of the driver and vehicle as entered above.

There are six insurers and they have different criteria for setting prices.

It may be that your criteria has changed since you purchased your last CTP policy.

For example, the address where the vehicle is kept has changed or the age of the youngest driver has changed.

For more information go to how prices are set.