Buying a Green Slip

You can buy a Green Slip directly from a licensed insurer or through a variety of agents and outlets. It's important to understand what's expected of you and your insurer when buying a Green Slip.

Buying from an insurer

There are six insurers licensed to provide Green Slips in NSW. Most offer quotes online or over the phone.

Prices vary between each of the insurers so we strongly suggest that you shop around for the best deal.

You can use our Green Slip Calculator to compare quotes.

All Green Slips have the same level of cover and protection, however some insurers offer additional cover like ‘at-fault’ cover.

What is a Green Slip has more information about what they cover and why it’s important you have one.

What you provide an insurer

When buying a Green Slip you must give your insurer truthful information about your vehicle, yourself and any other people who drive your vehicle.

Your insurer will use this information to work out how much your Green Slip will be.

This information may include:

Vehicle details like:

  • make and model
  • year of manufacture
  • postcode of where you keep your vehicle
  • whether your vehicle is for private or business use

Most of this information can be found on your registration papers.

Details of you and other drivers like:

  • your age and the age of any other drivers
  • whether you have had any recent at fault motor vehicle accidents or claims
  • information about your driving record

You need to be truthful and you need to give correct information.  If you don’t:

  • the insurer may ask you to pay the difference between the lower amount and what you should pay
  • your vehicle registration might be cancelled and you may be charged a fee for reinstatement
  • penalties may apply

Documents you may need

Have your registration papers with you when shopping for your Green Slip.

For new registrations make sure you have your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number.

Insurer obligations

In general, insurers must:

  • act in good faith
  • not discriminate against individual customers or groups of customers
  • have clear and practical processes for providing  Green Slips
  • make sure their Green Slip insurance is accessible and available to all customers
  • manage claims and pay entitlements to injured people
  • work with us and RMS to facilitate prompt registration (eg once a Green Slip policy has been purchased they notify RMS automatically)

Other insurer obligations are outlined in the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 or you can learn more about each insurer’s obligations by contacting them directly.