Commencement dates for workers compensation dispute resolution amendments

The following schedules have been proclaimed and are available on the NSW Legislation website.

Commencing from 1 January 2019:

  • dispute resolution provisions (including notification of claims)
  • referral of matters to approved medical specialists at the Workers Compensation Commission
  • mandatory reporting
  • restriction of commutation for medical expenses compensation for workers eligible under the National Insurance Injury Scheme
  • the notification of workers compensation information by employers.

The following changes to the Regulation will also take effect on 1 January 2019:

  • changes to notification of insurer decisions
  • procedures for internal reviews following a work capacity decision
  • mobile devices as a method to notify workers of return to work programs
  • other minor related matters.

Scheduled previously commenced as at 1 December 2018 include:

  • Schedule 5 (indexation provisions)

Schedules previously commenced as at 26 October 2018 include:

  • Schedule 4 (information sharing provisions apart from mandatory reporting)
  • Schedule 6 (motor accident provisions)
  • Schedule 7.1 (SIRA board provision)
  • Schedule 8 (savings and transitional provisions)

The following scheduled have not yet commenced:

  • Schedule 3 (PIAWE provisions)
  • Schedule 1.3 [1] to [4]