More help and support

Sometimes people injured on our roads need additional help and advice in managing their claim. New support and dispute services will address these needs.

The community and stakeholders agree that the way of resolving CTP issues and disputes needed to be made simpler and faster, while retaining the right to have decisions independently reviewed.

Support services

A new support service CTP Assist will help people with making a claim such as with filling out forms, and advice around getting a decision reviewed. They can be reached on 1300 656 919 or by email

If the injured person can’t agree with the insurer

People receiving statutory benefits such as weekly income payments need a fast and ready means of resolving disputes compared to those waiting for a common law claim lump sum payment.

A new Dispute Resolution Service and disputes model has been established.

Insurers have developed an internal review process. This is at arms-length from the original decision makers, and is the first step for people with a concern about an insurer’s decision.

If the matter is not resolved through this initial process, the injured person can seek help from an independent Dispute Resolution Service within SIRA.

We expect that the vast majority of disputes will be resolved by this stage. For any remaining disputes, it is possible to apply to court for a determination.