A faster claims process

The claims process under the previous scheme was lengthy and complicated. The same process applied whether a person had a minor or more serious injury. The new CTP scheme streamlines the claims process and pays benefits to injured people sooner.

Most people with minor injuries recover within a short period of time. Yet under the previous scheme the average time for a minor injury claim to be settled was 18 months.

The introduction of weekly income payments is a major improvement for all people injured on NSW roads. Benefits will start being paid soon after a claim is made.

For those with minor injuries, they will no longer need to go through a lengthy and complex common law claims process.

A greater percentage of claims will be paid in the first year compared to the previous scheme.

Under the previous scheme only 6% of claims were paid in the first year after an accident. Under the new CTP scheme more than 27% of claims will be paid in this time.