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The Motor Accidents Guidelines will be an important resource for you in helping a claimant.

Online is the easiest way for injured people to lodge a CTP claim for personal injury benefits. To receive back pay from the date of the crash, the insurer needs to receive the claim within 28 days. You can still submit a claim up to three months after the crash, but it’s best to submit a claim as soon as possible. Find out more about the online claim submission on the personal injury benefits page.

If you're a lawyer we expect you to support fair and timely resolution of claims and promote the recovery of claimants by reducing unnecessary delays and disputes. You need to be aware of your responsibilities regarding:

As the regulator of motor accidents insurers in NSW we work to ensure that all insurers comply with their legislative obligations and any relevant guidelines. If you believe an insurer has breached these obligations, let us know.

Forms you might need

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Costs and fees

The Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 (the Act) commenced on 1 December 2017, marking the beginning of a new CTP Green Slip scheme designed to better support people injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW. The Act is supported by the Motor Accident Injuries Regulation 2017 and the Motor Accident Guidelines.

Under the new scheme, Australian legal practitioners are limited in what they can be paid for or what they can recover for a legal service in relation to CTP claims. This depends on the type of claim: