Permanent impairment assessors

This information is for permanent impairment assessors to help assess an injured person’s permanent impairment in the workers compensation system.

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Workers compensation

A permanent impairment assessor is a registered medical practitioner trained to assess a worker's permanent impairment as a result of a work related injury or illness.

In brief

A permanent impairment assessor is a registered medical practitioner recognised as a specialist with qualifications, training and experience relevant to the specific body system or systems being assessed.

To provide services within the NSW workers compensation system, you must be a trained assessor of permanent impairment for each body system you intend to assess and be listed for each body system on the SIRA workers compensation website. You may be one of the worker’s treating specialists or you may be engaged on behalf of the worker, employer or insurer for the purposes of assessing the level of permanent impairment.

A permanent impairment assessment is used to measure how much permanent change has happened to the worker’s body because of their injury.

In assessing permanent impairment, the assessor must determine:

  • whether the worker's condition has resulted in impairment
  • whether the condition has reached maximum medical improvement
  • whether the impairment is permanent
  • the degree of permanent impairment that results from the injury
  • the proportion of permanent impairment due to any previous injury, pre-existing condition or abnormality.

How do I become a permanent impairment assessor?

In order to become a permanent impairment assessor you are required to:

  • meet certain eligibility criteria
  • satisfactorily complete training in the evaluation of permanent impairment, and
  • submit an application and be listed on the website.

Becoming an assessor of permanent impairment explains the process and requirements to become listed as an assessor of permanent impairment. Applicants may apply to be listed using the assessor of permanent impairment application.

You can use our online search tool to find a permanent assessor (or to see who's listed).

Training in the evaluation of permanent impairment

Australian Medical Association (AMA) Victoria’s education business unit, AMA Training has partnered with AMA NSW to provide training in the evaluation of permanent impairment in the NSW workers compensation system.

For more information on the course, refer to our Training and workshops page.

To register, contact AMA Training on (03) 9280 8722 or email

Publications you might need

These documents also provide additional information:

Fees and invoicing

The fees orders set out the rates payable to assessors of permanent impairment. Find these and other Fees Orders below:

Historical health-related fees

These are the historical health related fees and rates orders.

What your invoices will need to include

    • worker's first and last name, and claim number
    • payee details
    • ABN
    • name of the medical practitioner or service provider who provided the service
    • SIRA workers compensation approval number or medical practitioner's Health Insurance Commission provider number (where applicable)
    • date of service
    • SIRA workers compensation payment classification code or AMA item number where applicable. Refer to the technical manual for further information:
      • self and specialised insurers, or
      • nominal insurer
    • service cost for each SIRA workers compensation payment classification code or AMA item number and service duration (if applicable)
    • date of invoice (must be on the day of or after last date of service listed on the invoice)

    To prevent delays in payment, these details will need to be provided on all invoices.