Medical assessors and permanent impairment assessments

If you’re a medical assessor appointed by SIRA in the motor accidents scheme, use these guidelines and other documents to ensure you provide accurate and consistent medical assessments.

Medical assessors must be appointed by SIRA and listed on our website:

For accidents before 1 December, 2017, medical assessors must follow the:

For accidents on or after 1 December 2017, medical assessors must follow the:

Guidance material

The Motor Accidents Medical Assessor Guidance Notes are currently being updated.

Please contact or call 1300 656 919 for assistance relating to the Guidance material.

Specific injuries information

We also issue guidance material for medical assessors to use in assessing specific injuries:

Brain injuries

Minor skin injuries

Minor dental injuries

Periorbital injury involving minor scarring or disfigurement

Spine and consequential injuries

Judgment of the Supreme Court Nguyen v the Motor Accident Authority of NSW & Zurich Australian Insurance Ltd [2011] NSWSC 351.

Examination checklist

Medical assessors should use the medical examination assessment examination checklist in documenting all the clinical findings specific to assessing permanent impairment of spine, upper and lower extremity, and nervous system.


Further information

If you have a question about permanent impairment, email for a response within five working days.