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The information for legal professionals will differ depending on which system you work in. Please select which compensation system your client is in.

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Motor accidents

The date of the accident determines which scheme applies. Please choose based on the date of the accident.

Workers compensation

Legal professionals represent their clients' interests so the worker can receive their entitlements after a work related injury/illness.

In brief

As a legal professional you support the delivery of the  objectives of the NSW workers compensation system by helping:

  • secure the health, safety and welfare of workers
  • ensure prompt treatment and management of injuries
  • provide workers and their dependants with income support during incapacity.

In the NSW workers compensation system, a worker may apply to the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) for legal funding assistance in order to make a claim for workers compensation or challenge an insurer decision to decline a claim.

In order to provide this assistance to a worker you must be on WIRO’s approved panel of lawyers.

You can get more information on the requirements and application process at WIRO’s website.

A worker may request your legal assistance when negotiating a commutation or if they are classed as an ‘exempt’ category of worker (police, paramedic or fire fighter).

Workers also have the right (under the Workers Compensation Regulation 2016) to seek paid legal advice regarding a work capacity decision. They can call us on 13 10 50 to discuss their options.


Before a commutation can be registered by the Workers Compensation Commission, a worker must demonstrate they have obtained independent legal advice. To do so, they may seek out your services independently.

Exempt category of workers

Exempt categories of workers (police, paramedic or fire fighter), may seek out legal representation to help claim workers compensation.

Publications you might need

Fees and invoicing

For services provided to workers in relation to commutations or exempt categories of workers, you should refer to the appropriate schedule of fees in the Workers Compensation Regulation 2016. The schedule provides information on when you are able to recover fees, and the amount you are able to recover based on the resolution type.

Legal practitioners can be paid for providing legal advice to a worker in connection with an application for a merit review of a work capacity decision.