Injury management consultants

Injury management consultants work in the NSW workers compensation system. They help overcome complex return to work and injury management barriers in order to achieve the best possible outcome for workers.

In brief

The role of the injury management consultant is different from that of the independent medical examiner.

Injury management consultants are SIRA-approved registered medical practitioners (doctors) experienced in occupational injury and workplace-based rehabilitation. An injury management consultant helps the nominated treating doctor, worker, insurer, employer and other service providers to progress a worker's recovery at/return to work and optimise health and work outcomes.

A referral to an injury management consultant may occur when a worker has been identified at risk of delayed recovery, a specific return to work or injury management issue has been identified or referral has been requested by the worker, employer, nominated treating doctor or other treating practitioner.

An injury management consultant assesses the situation, examines the worker (if necessary) and discusses possible solutions with all parties (particularly the nominated treating doctor). Injury management consultants are not responsible for directing treatment of a worker, though they may comment on treatment in respect to recovery at/return to work.

An injury management consultant functions do not include:

  • an opinion on causation or liability
  • undertaking a functional capacity evaluation or work capacity assessment for the insurer.

Forms you might need

Publications you might need

Fees and invoicing

The 2019 Injury Management Consultants Fees Order sets the maximum fees for injury management consultants.

See also the 2018 Injury Management Consultants Fees Order.

What your invoices will need to include

  • worker's first and last name, and claim number
  • payee details
  • ABN
  • name of the medical practitioner or service provider who provided the service
  • SIRA workers compensation approval number or medical practitioner's Health Insurance Commission provider number (where applicable)
  • date of service
  • SIRA workers compensation payment classification code or AMA item number where applicable. Refer to either the claims technical manual for:
  • service cost for each SIRA workers compensation payment classification code or AMA item number and service duration (if applicable)
  • date of invoice (must be on the day of or after last date of service listed on the invoice)

To prevent delays in payment, these details will need to be provided on all invoices.

Becoming an approved injury management consultant

SIRA is not currently accepting applications for approval as an injury management consultant.