Workers compensation medical assessors

In brief

You may be engaged by the Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) to assess an injury to help resolve a disputed claim (lodged on or after 1 January 2002).

Assessments can help in the resolution of the following disputes:

  1. Assessment to resolve a dispute about a general medical issue (eg injury management, medical hospital and rehabilitation costs, work capacity).
  2. Assessment to help resolve disputes about permanent impairment.

As an approved medical assessor you may decide to:

  • request that the worker be medically examined by you
  • call for medical records, including X-rays and results of other tests and any other information that is considered necessary or desirable to assess the dispute
  • consult with the medical practitioners or allied health practitioners who have treated the worker.

After investigating the medical dispute, you will be required to issue a medical assessment certificate. This is the final, binding opinion in disputes about permanent impairment.

In other types of disputes, the medical assessment certificate is taken into account by the arbitrator when mediating between the parties or issuing direction.

Publications you might need

Fees and invoicing

The 2018 Medical Examinations and Report Fees Order sets the rates payable to approved medical specialists when participating as a member of the appeal panel at the Workers Compensation Commission.

Further information

See our workers compensation disputes section for more information about the disputes process and the help that’s available.

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