Applying for a SIRA merit review

After the insurer has completed the internal review (or has not completed the review within 30 days of the application), you may seek a merit review of the insurer’s work capacity decision.

You must apply for a merit review within 30 days of:

  • receiving the internal review decision, or
  • the due date of the internal review decision if the insurer has not notified you of its decision.

An application must be made using the Work capacity - application for merit review by SIRA and you must identify the reasons why you are seeking a review of this decision. You must also notify the insurer of the merit review application by providing them with a copy of the application. Further information on merit reviews can be found in the Merit review user guide .

We may decline to review a decision if the application:

  • is not lodged in time
  • is not on the approved form
  • is or becomes frivolous or vexatious
  • if you fail to provide information that might be requested