Using the SIRA Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) Portal

The SIRA DRS Portal is an online tool that injured people, or their personal representatives can use to lodge dispute applications with DRS.

What can you use the SIRA DRS Portal for?

You can use the Portal to:

  • Lodge dispute applications
  • Communicate digitally with DRS within the Portal
  • Track the progress of your dispute applications
  • Receive the outcome of your dispute application
  • Lodge review and further applications, linked to the original applications

What are the benefits of using the SIRA DRS Portal?

  • DRS receives your application immediately and can commence helping you more quickly
  • The Portal is a single place you can access everything related to your dispute application
  • You can check the progress of your application at any time
  • You can receive notification of your dispute outcome and view the decision as soon as it is made

How do you access and use the SIRA DRS Portal?

To access the Portal:

  1. Login/Register an account with Service NSW
  2. Link your Service NSW account with SIRA.
  3. Complete the DRS application providing as much detail about your dispute as possible, including when the decision of the insurer was made, what parts of the decision you disagree with, and what you would like the decision to be.
  4. Upload any documents you want to rely on, such as the original decision.

Click here to watch an instructional video on preparing to lodge a dispute application.

Where can you get help using the SIRA DRS Portal?

If you need help, please call DRS on 1800 34 77 88. We’re happy to help you through the process.