Using the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) Insurer Portal

The DRS Insurer Portal is an online tool that insurers can use to communicate with DRS regarding personal injury disputes.

All insurers must use the DRS Insurer Portal for all communications with DRS

Access the DRS Insurer Portal

What can you use the DRS Insurer Portal for?

Insurers can use the Portal to:

  • Lodge applications
  • Upload documents requested by DRS direct in real time
  • View everything related to an application in one place
  • Communicate digitally with DRS
  • Track progress and receive dispute outcomes in real-time

What are the benefits of using the DRS Insurer Portal?

  • The Portal provides a single place to interact with DRS
  • All data related to a dispute application is available in one place and digitally accessible
  • Only need to store a single version of each document
  • You don’t need to email, post or courier documents to DRS
  • More efficient interaction between DRS and Claimants, Insurers, Legal Representatives and Decision Makers
  • More streamlined and timely processing for the parties you represent

Where can you get help using the DRS Insurer Portal?

If you need help, please call DRS on 1800 34 77 88. We’re happy to help you through the process.