DRS services and examples of disputes

SIRA’s DRS delivers independent dispute resolution services for disputes between insurers and injured people in the CTP Green Slip Scheme.DRS can assist in resolving your dispute in one of two ways:

  1. Help you and the insurer understand the issues in dispute and mutually resolve them.
  2. Arrange an independent and binding decision by an expert decision maker.

While there are many types of issues that may be in dispute, there are four broad categories that disputes fall into:

  • Merit reviews: are about merit issues such as a review of a decision to stop or decrease the payment of weekly benefits or to review a decision about the cost of treatment or care.
  • Medical disputes: are about medical issues such as permanent impairment, treatment and minor injury.
  • Claims disputes: are about claims issues such as the amount of benefits payable for death or injury caused by a vehicle accident or whether the payment of benefits should be reduced because an injured person was at fault for the accident.
  • Miscellaneous claims disputes: are any other miscellaneous disputes.