AET certificate

Issued under section 7.13(4) of the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017

The Claim
Claimant AET
Insurer GIO General Ltd
Claim Number Y05975800001
The Reviewable Decision
Reviewable decision‐makerZeba Shameem
Date of Reviewable decision 16 January 2019
Nature of Reviewable decisionWeekly payments of statutory benefits ‐ the amount of pre‐accident weekly earnings
The Merit Review
Our Reference10095356
Merit ReviewerTami O’Carroll
Date of this Certificate21 June 2019

Merit Reviewer's Determination

My determination of the merit review is as follows:

  • The reviewable decision is set aside and the following decision is made in substitution for the reviewable decision:
    • The amount of AET’s pre‐accident weekly earnings is $273.76.
    • Effective Date – This determination has effect from 2 June 2018.