ADJ certificate

Issued in accordance with section 7.36(5) of the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017.

Determination of a matter declared under Schedule 2(3) of the Act to be a miscellaneous claims assessment matter.




NRMA Insurance Limited

Date of Accident

11 January 2018

DRS Reference


Date of Internal Review

15 November 2018

DRS Claims Assessor

Helen K. Wall

Date of Decision

18 February 2019

On the papers by

DRS Claims Assessor Helen K. Wall

The findings of the assessment of this dispute are as follows:

  1. For the purposes of section 3.28 of the Act, the motor accident was not caused wholly or mostly by the fault of the Claimant.
  2. Legal Costs: The amount of the Claimant’s costs assessed in accordance with the Motor Accident Injuries Regulation 2017 is $1,633.00 plus GST totalling $1,796.00.

A statement of my reasons for this determination are attached to this certificate.

Helen K. Wall

DRS Claims Assessor

Dispute Resolution Services

Dated: 18 February 2019