ABA certificate

Issued in accordance with cl 7.445 of the Motor Accident Guidelines

Determination of a matter declared under Schedule 2(3) of the Act to be a miscellaneous claims assessment matter

InsurerNRMA Insurance Limited
Date of Accident16 April 2018
DRS Reference10040997 JD
Insurance Claim NumberNWRTP1800828
DRS Decision MakerHelen K. Wall
Date of Decision4 September 2018
Conference date and time3 September 2018 at 2:00pm
Attendances for ClaimantMs Lorraine Gawler of Australian Law Group
Attendances for InsurerMr Rhys Wilson of NRMA Insurance Limited

The findings of the assessment of this dispute are as follows:

  1. This application is dismissed.
  2. The parties have resolved their dispute and the Insurer agrees to pay the Claimant’s regulated costs.

A brief statement of my reasons for this determination are attached to this certificate.

Helen K. Wall
Decision Maker, Delegate of the Principal Claims Assessor
Dispute Resolution Services