Strategy for small business

How we’re going to help small business owners in NSW have healthy and safe workplaces and manage workplace injuries effectively.

The Work Health and Safety and Workers Compensation Small Business Strategy provides a framework that will help us to make it easier for small businesses to meet their work health and safety and workers compensation obligations, and get on with running their business.

We know that running a small business can be tough. There are competing priorities and limited resources that demand time and energy.

The Work Health and Safety and Workers Compensation Small Business Strategy provides a framework that focuses on:

  • developing programs to support healthy, safe and productive working lives
  • making it easier for businesses and regulators to connect
  • connecting small and large businesses
  • building a deeper understanding of small businesses and their needs
  • providing exemplary regulatory services.

The programs delivered under the strategy will make it easier for every small business owner in NSW to feel confident that they have a healthy and safe workplace, and can manage injuries effectively.

This strategy aligns with the NSW Government's Small Business Strategy to make NSW the easiest place to start and grow a business.

The strategy also links with SafeWork NSW’s Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022.

It will guide the work of SIRA, SafeWork NSW and the Small Business Reference Group over the next three years.

The strategy was developed by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and SafeWork NSW in collaboration with members of the Small Business Reference Group .The Small Business Reference Group was established in 2013.

It helps to connect businesses and government, and plays an important role in ensuring small businesses have a voice.

The reference group is convened quarterly and is chaired by the Executive Director Workers and Home Building Compensation Regulation, SIRA.

Members of the reference group include representatives from: SafeWork NSW; Department of Customer Service; Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner; Australian Industry Group; Australian Retailers Association; Housing Industry Association; Master Builders Association; NSW Business Chamber; NSW Farmers; Pharmacy Guild of Australia; Recruitment and Consulting Services Association; Restaurant and Catering; Road Freight NSW.