4. Subpoenas and summons

The following information is designed to assist persons issuing a subpoena or summons on the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

If you do not comply with the following requirements, this may result in delays in complying with the subpoena or summons.

Generally, SIRA does not hold workers compensation or motor accident injury claim files. Subpoenas for this information should be served on the insurer that is managing the claim.

Issuing a subpoena or summons

Subpoenas and summons must be issued on the Proper Officer at the State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

If a SIRA employee is required to attend and give evidence, the subpoena or summons must be issued on the specific Departmental officer.

Service of a subpoena or summons

Subpoenas and summons can be served by registered post or delivery at the following address:

The Proper Officer

State Insurance Regulatory Authority - Access to Information
Level 14-15, 231 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

If the subpoena or summons is not delivered to this address, there is likely to be a delay in processing the subpoena.

When a subpoena or summons is served on a SIRA officer, the Access to Information Unit will accept service of the document.

Compliance time

If we are required to produce documents, you should allow a minimum of 10 business days for us to locate the documents that fall within the scope of the subpoena or summons.

If SIRA is unable to produce the documents that fall within the scope of the subpoena or summons by the relevant return date, we will contact the issuing party prior to the return date to discuss.

Conduct money

SIRA charges $50 for conduct fees. This should be in the form of a cheque or money order, made out to the ‘State Insurance Regulatory Authority’.

Additional photocopying and courier costs may apply and will be invoiced at the completion of the matter.

Where a subpoena or summons is issued for a SIRA staff to give evidence, SIRA will require their hourly rate plus travel time and expenses to be paid.

Contact us

Any enquiries regarding subpoenas or summons should be referred to