Apply for funeral expenses

If a person dies as a result of a motor vehicle accident in NSW the CTP Scheme can cover the costs of their funeral.

What can I claim?

Funeral expenses can include:

  • funeral director's professional fees
  • cost of the funeral service (including cremation or burial)
  • coffin
  • mourning car
  • cemetery site
  • flowers
  • newspaper notice
  • death certificate.

Did you know? The scheme can pay for the reasonable costs for transporting the deceased person to a suitable location near their usual residence if they were visiting another location at the time of the accident. This includes reasonable cost of transporting the body of the deceased person interstate or overseas.

Who can apply?

  • The 'legal personal representative' of the deceased person. This is usually the next of kin (eg wife, husband, parent, child).
  • Where there is no 'legal personal representative' the reimbursement may be made to whoever paid for the funeral (eg NSW Trustee and Guardian).

Did you know? You can apply for these expenses before or after the funeral.

How to apply

1. Fill out the form: You need to complete the application for funeral expenses claim form. The form is easy to fill out and only requires basic information. The funeral director or mortuary service, or your solicitor, may be able to help you with any information you need but do not have on hand.

2. Attach documents: If requesting reimbursement after the funeral you will need to provide proof of payment of the relevant invoices.

Our CTP Assist team can help if you have any questions. You can call them on 1300 656 919 or email

3. Send to the insurer: If you don't know which insurer to make a claim through, our CTP Assist team can help. You can also contact CTP Assist if you want to check you have everything you need before you lodge your claim

What happens next?

The insurer will assess your claim, including reviewing the police report and other documents (eg receipts).

Unless there are any items that need clarification they will reimburse the funeral expenses by either:

  • paying directly into your account (or by cheque)
  • paying the relevant funeral service provider as per invoices.

What if I disagree with the insurer?

Your first step is to request an internal review by the insurer. This is where another person within the insurer (who was not involved in the original decision or action) is asked to review and a new decision and provide a response.

If you are not satisfied with that decision you can make an application to have that decision reviewed by our Dispute Resolution Service for an independent review. You can also contact the CTP Legal Advisory Service through CTP Assist.

Our CTP Assist Team can help. Contact them on 1300 656 919 or