CTP Legal Advisory Service

SIRA's CTP Legal Advisory Service may be able to assist you if you were injured in a motor accident on or after 1 December, 2017.

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What is the CTP Legal Advisory Service?

When the new CTP Green Slip scheme came into effect on 1 December 2017, new laws were introduced which prevents lawyers from receiving payment for certain services, and regulates how much they can charge for other types of services. This means lawyers cannot be paid for or recover costs for providing advice on certain matters.

To ensure you have access to legal advice in these instances, SIRA has established a CTP Legal Advisory Service. This service is made up of a panel of lawyers who provide independent legal advice to people who have been injured in a motor accident on or after 1 December 2017.

If you are already receiving advice from a lawyer on your CTP claim it is recommended that you speak to them.

How do I access the CTP Legal Advisory Service?

Call CTP Assist on 1300 656 919. They will confirm your eligibility and arrange a telephone-based consultation between you and a lawyer from the service. If you need an interpreter CTP Assist can also arrange this for you.

The lawyer will provide you with advice over the phone, and confirm that advice to you in writing. The advice you receive will be confidential. See below for further information on the steps in the claims process and what time frame to expect.

What matters can be referred to the CTP Legal Advisory Service?

Only certain matters can be referred to the CTP Legal Advisory Service for advice (see the table below). These relate to claims for statutory benefits for a motor accident that occurred on or after 1 December 2017.

Advice can be provided at different stages during the life of a claim, including:

  • before a decision is made by an insurer
  • at any time before or after internal review (but not in connection with the internal review application)
  • at any time before an application is made to the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS).

Read more about internal reviews and the DRS.

The table below outlines the matters which can be referred to the CTP Legal Advisory Service:

Reason for referral

Example of when information or advice may be required

Funeral expenses What is a ‘reasonable’ funeral expense?
Amount of weekly payments Pre-accident weekly earning, post-accident earning capacity and calculations.
Cessation of a pending damages claim Whether the cessation of weekly payments after the maximum weekly payments period is subject to a pending claim for damages.
Suspension due to work fitness evidence Insurer disputes ‘special reasons’ for a certificate of fitness for work covering a period that exceeds 28 days.
Suspension due to non-rehabilitation/treatment/training Do you have a ‘reasonable excuse’ not to comply in undertaking rehabilitation, treatment or vocational training?
Insurer notice periods Has the insurer complied with the relevant notice periods?
Recoverable statutory benefits Is there a right to recover and if so, what amount?
Gratuitous services Do you have a loss of capacity to provide gratuitous services, and if so, what is the amount payable?
Retirement age termination Termination of weekly payments on retiring age.
Suspension re medical evidence Have you provided the insurer with a medical certificate certifying your fitness for work?
Weekly benefits outside Australia Are you residing outside of Australia and want to claim ongoing weekly payments and your loss is likely to be permanent?
Variation of weekly payments Your weekly payments been varied and you do not agree (eg have they been indexed correctly?)
Cost of treatment and care Is the cost of treatment and care reasonable?
Verification of expenses Have expenses been properly verified in accordance with the Act?
Treatment and care within time Have expenses been incurred within the 26-week period for at fault or minor injury claims?
Treatment and care authorised Are treatment expenses incurred more than 26 weeks after the date of the accident authorised to be paid?
Treatment and care compensated Has the treatment and care already been paid under a damages claim or bulk billing arrangement?
Treatment and care limits Does the cost of treatment or care exceed the limits imposed by the Motor Accident Guidelines?
Excluded treatment and care Is the treatment and care covered by the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme?
Treatment and care outside Australia Are you receiving treatment outside Australia (as a citizen or permanent resident)?

Note that the lawyer assigned to you can only advise on the specific matter for which you have been referred after contacting CTP Assist.

For example, if you are referred to the CTP Legal Advisory Service for advice on the amount of statutory benefits that are payable, the lawyer can only advise you on whether your pre-accident weekly earnings (PAWE) has been calculated correctly. The PAWE is the amount you were earning at the time you were injured. The lawyer would not be able to also provide advice on another matter, for example, whether you have a minor injury.

Matters which cannot be referred to the CTP Legal Advisory Service include:

  • advice about a claim under the Motor Accidents Act 1988
  • advice about a claim under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999
  • any common law claims
  • advice relating to an application for internal review.

The CTP Legal Advisory Service lawyer cannot:

  • file any documents or make any applications in a court or to DRS on your behalf; or
  • represent you at DRS or in a court.

What will it cost?

There is no charge to you to access this service.

Who are the lawyers on the CTP Legal Advisory Service panel?

The lawyers who provide advice through the CTP Legal Advisory Service have significant experience in providing legal advice on motor accident and personal injury law. They practice in both regional and metropolitan areas across NSW.

How long does it take?

This claims referral timeframe outlines how long the claim process takes from referral to completion.

Number of business days Step in the claim process (referral through to completion)
Day 1 SIRA receives your signed Terms of the CTP Legal Advisory Service.
Within two (2) days of receiving the Terms SIRA contacts the CTP Legal Advisory Service lawyer to confirm that they can accept the referral, or seeks an alternative CTP Legal Advisory Service lawyer if required.

Once accepted, SIRA forward the signed Terms and your information to the lawyer. You will be notified who the lawyer is.
Between 1 and 3 days of receipt of referral Contact is made between you and the lawyer for an initial discussion.

The CTP Legal Advisory Service lawyer initiates contact within one (1) day. You are required to initiate contact with the panel lawyer within three (3) days.
Five (5) days after receipt of referral The lawyer provides you with verbal advice.
Two (2) days after verbal advice provided The lawyer provides you with written advice. End of services.

Download a PDF of this claims referral time frame.

What if I am not eligible?

CTP Assist will provide you with information about other available legal services. These include: