CTP Care

What is CTP Care?

The CTP Care program or ‘CTP Care’ is the name given to services provided by icare Lifetime Care in performing its new function under the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017.

Under CTP Care, icare Lifetime Care will provide treatment and care statutory benefits for people injured in a motor accident in NSW from 1 December 2017, who have needs five years or longer after their accident.

This means, after five years from the date of the accident, icare Lifetime Care will become responsible for paying for reasonable and necessary treatment and care instead of the CTP insurer.

CTP Care is separate to the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme which is also run by icare Lifetime Care.

What are we doing?

SIRA is working with icare Lifetime Care and other stakeholders on an implementation strategy for CTP Care, to ensure a sound customer experience for people whose payments for treatment and care will transfer to icare Lifetime Care.

SIRA is developing guidelines for insurers, health practitioners and lawyers who are helping patients or clients who have a claim that will, at least in part, be managed by icare Lifetime Care under CTP Care. SIRA will consult with relevant stakeholders prior to the release of the guidelines and will provide education to stakeholders about CTP Care before the guidelines are published.

When will CTP Care start?

icare Lifetime Care will assume responsibility for the payment of treatment and care to eligible people from December 2022, with the possibility for earlier transfer of these benefits from December 2019 in some circumstances. Please see CTP Care - early transition fact sheet for more information.

More information

Further information will be available on this page, in addition to the publication of the guidelines for CTP Care. If you have further questions or need more information about CTP Care contact SIRA’s CTP Assist on