Return to work programs

A return to work program is the formal policy that outlines the procedures your organisation will follow to help injured workers recover at work following a work related injury or illness.

The return to work program must be:

A return to work program must be developed by an employer within 12 months of becoming an employer and be done in consultation with your workers and any industrial union representing those workers.

For category one employers

If you’re a category one employer, then a return to work program must be developed in accordance with the guidelines for workplace return to work programs.

A category one employer is an employer with a basic tariff premium exceeding $50,000 per annum, or is self-insured, or is insured by a specialised insurer and employs more than 20 workers.

For category two employers

A category two employer is any employer who is not a category one employer as described above. Category two employers can use the SIRA standard return to work program.

Further information

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