JobCover placement program

The JobCover placement program provides incentives of up to $27,400 to a new employer to employ an injured worker for the worker's first year of employment.

The employer incentive payment increases according to the length of time the injured worker remains employed with the new employer:

  • up to $400 per week for first 12 weeks (maximum of $4,800)
  • up to $500 per week for next 14 weeks (maximum of $7,000)
  • up to $600 per week for next 26 weeks (maximum of $15,600)

In addition:

  • the injured worker's wages are not included in the calculation of the new employer's workers compensation premium for two years, and
  • the new employer is protected against the costs associated of changes to the existing injury for up to two years

How to apply

Speak to the insurer managing the claim to find out if the program is right for you. The JobCover guidance material outlines the benefits of the program, the responsibilities of all parties and the process for commencing the program.

Complete the JobCover agreement form, this is used by the insurer to certify the eligibility and agreement of a worker and employer to participate in a JobCover placement program and must be completed before the worker starts work.

To claim the incentive payments at 12, 26 and 52 weeks for a worker participating in the program, the employer completes the incentive payment claim form.