Allied health recovery request

All allied health practitioners requesting approval to provide treatment must complete this form and submit it to the insurer.

The AHRR comes as an interactive PDF that you can save to your computer then type in the details.

Or you can print out a static PDF that you can complete by hand.

How do I open the interactive PDF?

Some people are having trouble opening the interactive PDF.  If that's you, it's probably because you don't have the latest version of Adobe Reader or the web browser you're using doesn't support it.

The quick fixes are usually to either:

  1. download the interactive PDF to your desktop (right click on link and select save), then open it from there, or
  2. download the latest version of adobe reader for free by visiting or,
  3. use a different browser. Download the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Our technical help document has more information.

How do I fill out the AHRR?

1. Watch this webinar

Our webinar is a simple step-by-step guide.  It's also available with captions

3. Follow our examples

These can help if you’re unsure of the type of information and level of detail you need to provide.

One example is for physical practitioners and the other example is for psychological practitioners.

4. Contact us

Or you can call us or email us for help.

Further information

The AHRR aims to:

  • establish clear treatment goals and expectations with your client
  • improve the relevance of information provided to insurer case managers to assist with approval decisions regarding reasonably necessary treatment
  • enable allied health practitioners to contribute valuable information to assist in your client's recovery at work/return to work planning
  • simplify processes by increasing consistency across allied health practitioner groups.