Become a self-insurer

If you are a licensed self-insurer you can insure your own workers against workplace injuries and administer your own claims process, instead of using a licensed insurer.

Self-insurance can provide:

  • better work health and safety conditions
  • fair and equitable treatment
  • improvement in rehabilitation and injury management

We may grant:

  • a single self-insurer licence to an employer
  • a group self-insurer licence to a holding company and all wholly owned subsidiaries of the company that are employers in NSW

A standard licence term is three years. Failure to meet licensing requirements may result in a non-standard licence term of less than three years.

We are currently reviewing the self-insurer licensing requirements, and is subject to consultation.  You can read more about our consultation.

Application process

There is strict criteria that must be met before we will grant you a self-insurer licence.

These include:

  • prove you have a minimum of 500 workers in NSW
  • prove you have the financial viability and strength to fund future claims liabilities (provide security)
  • prove you have appropriate internal (or outsourced) resources to manage claims and injured workers from the first day of the licence
  • prove you have an effective work health and safety management system to prevent injuries occurring

We have a range of important additional information on licensing requirements you will need to know before you apply.

To become a self-insurer you will need to complete an application form and meet all the criteria outlined in the application form.

An application fee of $25,000 is payable at the time you lodge your application. The application fee for a group self-insurer licence is $30,000. The fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application.


If you're a self-insurer, you need to apply for the renewal of your licence.

We will review the renewal application on the basis of your performance on the licence requirements.

For more information email self& or call 13 10 50.