Making a claim through the CTP Scheme

Below is brief information about Green Slips and how an injured person will make a claim under the NSW Motor Accidents CTP Scheme.

A Green Slip is an insurance policy everyone must take out to be able to register their vehicle in NSW. It provides compensation for people injured in a motor vehicle accident.

If a person is injured (but not at fault) in a motor vehicle accident, they can make a claim for a range of benefits including past and future medical treatment and rehabilitation costs, care costs and economic losses, as well as payments for pain and suffering (in some circumstances).

If a person is injured (and at fault) the Green Slip may provide limited cover, up to the first $5,000 of treatment costs and lost income incurred in the first six months after an accident.

Not all people injured in motor vehicle accidents are covered under the NSW Motor Accidents CTP Scheme, so it’s important you check your client's compensation status and identify the relevant insurer.

You can do this by checking whether they have submitted a personal injury claim form (PICF).

What's the personal injury claim form?

If the injured person expects their expenses will be more than $5,000, or the recovery will take longer than six months, and they were not at fault in the crash, they complete a PICF and send it to the insurer within six months of the accident (if they can't open this interactive form in their browser they can download this static version).

Depending on the circumstance of the accident, the injured person may be entitled to compensation that includes:

  • reasonable and necessary medical, pharmaceutical, rehabilitation, respite care and attendant care expenses
  • other expenses and economic losses, for example loss of income and out of pocket expenses
  • non-economic loss, such as payment for their pain and suffering if they have a serious permanent injury.

If they haven't submitted one of these forms yet, advise them to attend their medical practitioner or seek advice from our website or from the Claims Advisory Service on 1300 656 919.

For more information to help your client with their claim, visit these pages on our website: