icare announcement on future scheme agents

notice | 26/04/2017

SIRA advises that icare has today announced some changes to its scheme agent and service provider arrangements.

More detail is available on the icare website at

The changes announced by icare relate to operational service delivery arrangements to the Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer Scheme managed by icare. The selection of agents is a decision made by icare under legislation.

SIRA confirms that there is no change to legal arrangements governing the NSW workers compensation system.  Employers and workers rights and responsibilities are unaffected by these operating model changes.

SIRA as the workers compensation regulator will actively supervise icare as the manager of the Nominal Insurer to ensure any risks associated with implementation of the changes are appropriately managed.  SIRA notes that icare has advised there is a dedicated team in icare working with providers to ensure a smooth transition with minimal impact for employers and injured workers.

SIRA will continue to supervise and monitor the performance of all insurers including icare and its agents to drive improved outcomes from the workers compensation system. SIRA notes that icare has indicated that NSW businesses and injured workers can expect to experience a significant enhancement in service delivery as a result of the changes.

If workers and employers are concerned by this announcement, they should contact icare in the first instance on 13 44 22. Alternatively, they can contact SIRA on 13 10 50.