Claims administration manual and guidelines review

We are consulting on the development and implementation of the claims administration manual and the review of the workers compensation guidelines.

  • The Issue

    Consultation period: 26/03/2018 9:00 am to 25/05/2018 11:59 pm

    We are developing a claims administration manual (CAM) - an online and centralised information source.

    The CAM will clearly explain SIRA’s expectations and requirements for claims management and insurer behaviour. It will cover a broad range of topics to help insurers make decisions in line with legislation and guidelines.

    We are seeking input from stakeholders on the development and operation of the CAM.

    We want to hear what you believe we can do to help make claims management in NSW first class. We encourage you to have your say and let us know how we can support an efficient and effective workers compensation system.

    Please read the discussion paper below and provide your feedback using the online form below.

    For more information, please email

  • Milestones

    • 26 March 2018 – Discussion paper published on SIRA website
    • 26 March 2018 to 25 May 2018 – Consultation open
    • 26 May 2018 to 30 June 2018 – SIRA review submissions
    • July to August 2018 – Submission summary published

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